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Tom Boucher

Psychogeographic Walking Map (NE Neighborhoods)

Psychogeographic Walking Map (NE Neighborhoods)

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Another ludicrous catalog of the marvelously everyday! Even if you aren't fortunate enough to live here, this map will repay close study: a shoulder-height garden dinosaur who survived the house sale, cozy little trails, a poke sallet plant (have you ever seen one of these monsters?), a fifteen foot tall mailbox inhabited by yellow-jackets, and stormwater ponds in which you might--if you're lucky--see the goats.

This map contains ridiculous symbology, painstaking analysis of everything from shot patterns to library call numbers, a guide to Olympia's myriad "free" sidewalk giveaways, mild snark, and heartfelt love of place.

This map is of the Bigelow, Bigelow Highlands, East Bay Drive, Northeast, and Upper Eastside neighborhoods in Olympia, Washington. 11" x 17", folded.
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