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Sarah LeMier

PNW Love Spoon

PNW Love Spoon

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Dating back to the 16th century, Welsh love spoons were traditionally given by suitors to their sweethearts, as a way of communicating their affection. The gifter would carve symbols into the handle as a way of telling their story and showing off their craftsmanship. Inspired by the cultural tradition of the Welsh Love Spoon, this hand carved Pacific Northwest (PNW) Love Spoon uses foraged Madrona wood and Olympia oyster shells. With exquisite attention to detail, I carve along the grains and burls, helping the fallen limb tell its own story. Similar to Madrona, Olympia oyster shells are known for their unique marbled coloring. Olympias, or “Little Olys,” are the only variety of oyster native to the west coast of the United States; you will never find two shells the same. Each spoon is adorned with an Olympia oyster shell to celebrate the shell’s beauty and draw attention to the restoration efforts for this mollusk. The gift of a Pacific Northwest Love Spoon, is a wonderful way to celebrate special occasions such as valentines - approx. 7.75"

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