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Laurel Mundy

Owl Family Portrait Sticker

Owl Family Portrait Sticker

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All the owls of North America gathered together for this family portrait! Fun fact: a group of owls is called a Parliament.

Owls included in this sticker (top to bottom, left to right): 1 Eastern screech owl. 2 Flammulated owl. 3 Northern pygmy-owl. 4 Elf owl.
5 Whiskered screech owl. 6 Ferruginous pygmy-owl. 7 Long-eared owl. 8 Western screech owl.
9 Boreal owl. 10 Northern saw-whet owl. 11 Burrowing owl. 12 Northern hawk owl. 13 Barred owl.
14 Spotted owl. 15 Short-eared owl. 16 Barn owl. 17 Great gray owl. 18 Snowy owl.
19 Great horned owl.

This sticker features my original watercolor illustration and measures about 5" tall.

Each sticker is printed on durable vinyl, weatherproof, dishwasher safe, and appropriate for all sorts of places including water bottles, cars, laptops, notebooks, and anywhere else you can think up. Before placing your sticker, make sure the surface is clean and dry.

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