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Mica Luminizer - Electric Slide

Mica Luminizer - Electric Slide

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Small batch makeup featuring mica and other natural minerals in a luxurious base of seaweed infused jojoba oil.

Mica is a natural pearlescent mineral, offering a cleaner choice over glitter and other petroleum derived ingredients. The mica particles are coated in other natural minerals (titanium, tin, iron) to create a rainbow palette and color shift effects. Safe for application anywhere on skin, including eyes and lips.

This shade is a cool bubblegum pink with a blue iridescence. Apply to cheekbones, eyes or lips for a groovy disco glow.

Ingredients: seaweed infused jojoba oil, mica, (may contain any of the following: titanium dioxide, tin oxide, iron oxide, silica), beeswax, abyssinian oil, essential oil, vitamin E.
1/8 oz screw top glass jar.

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