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Levi Silberman

Depression Cats 2 Coloring Book

Depression Cats 2 Coloring Book

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Second coloring book by Cat Champion, a cat-themed affirmation and self care device. The "Depression Cats" series explores issues of self esteem, body positivity, and microstrategies to manage mental health with humor. Great for cat lovers, coloring book groups, and sly surprises in the waiting room of health service offices. For moments when you need a quiet paw on the shoulder that says "This time is just for you. Make it silly and wonderful, you lovely creature." Lovingly rendered breeds of cats and kittens, from the wildly whiskered housefloofs, to the hairless sphynx. Tabbies, servals, maine coon and lynx in various stages of dapper and disheveled. From leapers to loafs, the snoozy and the sprinters, "Depression Cats 2" is a friendly feline funtivity tool that will give you the warm n fuzzies. Intricate swirly backgrounds provide hours of coloring joy.

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