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Free Shipping on All Orders Over $45. Free Shipping on Stickers!
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About Boom

To thrive in these pandemic times, Gallery Boom has adapted. For the past 4 years we have been a 3,000sqft art gallery in Downtown Olympia, WA. In order to stay successful, we are now an online marketplace with a small complementary physical location. is our main focus accompanied by our new location at 201 Wilson NE, on the corner of State by Ralphs' in Olympia. 

Gallery Boom believes in supporting artists at all points in their development. You don't have to be a "professional" to hang with us. :) We show art of all mediums from students, kids, dabblers, retirees, hobbyists, pros, semi pros, retired professionals and all in-between. 

We believe that if you make the art available, people like what they like and will support it. Art is a personal journey. That's why you see such a variety here on our site and in person.

On this website each artist has their own dedicated page as well as their items included in appropriate collections. Each artist as well, has a small variety of their work presented in the shop on Wilson. 

The Wilson shop is open Fri & Sat 11-6, Sun 11-5. Personal appointments are available as well as in-store pick up. We offer delivery within 25 miles and shipping within the US. Our customer's and Artist's safety and health is number one.

In the shop customers are able to browse the inventory online as well as the work they see in person. By using our touch screen connected to the online shop, they can see all that we have to offer. Then they can ask cashiers to pull out items that they are interested in. 

Gallery Boom's relationship with artists is subscription based. Our artists pay for either a 6mo ($60) or year ($100) subscription. There is also a 60%(artist), 40%(gallery) split of sales. We hold all of our art listed in our physical location. Artists provide the art and info pertaining to the art, like price, medium and process. We then photograph, post, package and ship the art. We pay all applicable sales tax as well. Once a month we pay our artists through PayPal. Easy Peasy!

Sound interesting? Want to join us? Check out our Becoming a GB Artist page.