About Boom

Gallery Boom is a retail store and online space where artists from mostly Western Washington State of all mediums, ages and abilities show, sell and share their art. We have a physical location in Olympia, WA as well as our online shop.

Gallery Boom’s goal is to support artists at all points in their development. Art is for everyone! Selling art is too. You don’t have to be a “professional” to hang with us. We have artists of all sorts! Students, kids, hobbyists, pros, retired pros and everything in-between! We help artists figure out the best way to get their art out into the world.

Gallery Boom is open to all to learn, share and grow around art and artists. Our focus is on a collaborative feel of our gallery. Each artist in the area is encouraged to come by our physical location to talk to customers and each other about their work and process. To come, meet other artists, learn from each other and support one another. When people get to meet the local artist, who made their new treasured object or gift, it means more to everyone.

Gallery Boom stands with Black, Brown, Native, Asian, LGBTQ+ and all marginalized artists. When we work together, we all thrive. Gallery Boom is here to support and learn. Art connects, teaches and heals.

Have piles of creations? Will family/friends not take one more piece? Not sure what to do? Contact us. We accept artists from across the country!