Collection: Megan Teutschel

Megan was born & raised in the North Bay Area in California. Her art exposure began quite early- her parents ran a graphic design business out of the family home. She enjoyed art but did not seriously pursue it because she did not like watching her parents’ struggle as a small business.

When Megan was eighteen she was exposed to emergency medicine and found a new love. Anatomy and physiology were truly inspirational for her and she dove into understanding all the tiny, intricate nuances that make bodies function. She worked as an Emergency Medical Technician for six years and  then became a Paramedic, but had to step away from ambulance work after a serious back injury. Art became an important escape after Megan’s injury, but it was seen as a temporary distraction instead of a skill to hone and improve.

Megan moved to Olympia, WA in October 2018 and began working with black ink, inspired by the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest and, as always, anatomy. She has been especially inspired by the mushroom varieties in the area and their role in the ecosystem- breaking down matter and returning nutrients to the soil to help foster new growth.