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I am a 27 year old fluid artist who just relocated to Olympia from Sedona, Arizona where I resided most of my life. I pursue various fluid media ranging from acrylics, pigments, mica, resin and alcohol inks, but I am constantly eager to explore new conduits of expression. In a lot of ways, I have always been eccentric and naturally artistic, but a tragic incident that I endured a little over a year ago became the catalyst to my absolute commitment to growth within an artistic means, and various forms of creative outlets.

Pursuing art granted me with the ability to heal through a traumatic, severe loss, as well as provided me with a tangible reprieve from bouts of depression and anxiety, of which I have succumbed to and been inflicted with since childhood. Most of my adolescence leading into young adult life, I fell victim to various forms of self-destructive behavior, and always felt at a loss and disconnected from any sense of purpose or self-worth. The immense grief that I experienced coupled with this led me on an endeavor with wire creations and then to fluid art, and my utmost dedication to progressing with such over the past year has given me the capacity to cultivate a sense of identity, and to substantiate purpose within my life.

I am truly indebted to those who have deeply influenced and supported me along this journey, and to the power of creation and manifestation as a whole, for I can not fathom at this juncture in my life where I would be without it. I can only hope that my creations are able to reach and impact others, as well as to transfer the passion and love that I have invested into them to the viewer.