October is Arts Month! Free Shipping for Orders over $75.
October is Arts Month! Free Shipping for Orders over $75.
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Gotti's Sweet's Bakery

In the heart of Olympia, our woman-owned-and-operated from scratch bakery is proud to serve the best sweet treats for your special life events.

We focus on having the highest-quality, delectable homemade pastries and cakes, including our specialty pie tots, French macaroons, cake slices, cupcakes, and cookies. We can also make a variety of custom cakes and cookies for your event or celebration. Our custom sugar cookies and cakes are unique and original; we cater to each customer's needs, special requests, and style.

Whether you’re in need of baked goods for a wedding, baby shower, anniversary, retirement, birthday party, or any other celebration, we can make your ideas come to life in a one-of-a-kind delicious masterpiece. Our pastries and cakes range from the classic to the unique, from the intricate to the simple, so you are sure to find or create with us something perfect for you at our bakery.